Warm And Cozy Design Queen Size Tufted Headboard

White Queen Size Tufted Headboard

A queen size tufted headboard is the perfect complement to a warm and cozy bedroom. Choose a thick and durable fabric such as suede or linen as this will help to reduce wrinkles and visible lumps. A typical double bed is 60 inches wide by 80 inches long. You want your header to match any size that is a little wider than the bed. Add buttons to the headboard to create a professional-looking tufted dress up your bedroom.

Cut a piece of plywood ¾ inches to match the size you would like for your head. The header should sit about two inches below the top of the bed. Moreover, it can take up the wall as high as you want, as long as there are no windows or other obstructions. Cut the foam padding with a knife to the same dimensions as plywood timber.

Set the filling on top of the plywood. Determine where you want to add tufted buttons. Mark the points in the filling with a marker. Drill a hole through the plywood and padding in these areas queen size tufted headboard. Place the fabric right side down on a table. Batting set on top of the fabric, and filling and plywood on top of the bat. Cut the fabric so that it folds over the back of the head with an inch of excess material.

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Turn the head on its side and rests against a chair so you can reach both the back and front. Use your fingers to find holes tufted buttons. Threading a needle quilting and needle running through the holes in the back of the head. Place a button using the per-drilled holes. Pull tight the back button to create the formation of knots. Repeat for all holes and buttons. Mount the head of the queen size tufted headboard to the wall with mounting brackets flush.