Tufted Leather Headboard Instructions

White Tufted Leather Headboard

Designer tufted leather headboard is very expensive and can be difficult to match your decor. However, with tufted headboards they are surprisingly easy to do it yourself with a few simple materials. You can make your head with the finest fabric or surplus material that can specifically match your own style and preferences. Whether you use old items or buy new, its tufted headboard is the focal point of your bedroom.

Tufted leather headboard place the hollow door on a flat work surface and clean the cleanout door. Remove and discard any hardware. Using electric drill, make six holes through the door. Use any pattern you prefer. These holes are where the tufting is created. Remove any sawdust. Lay the fabric on the design side of the work surface down. Soft hands to remove wrinkles or catches on the web. Place two layers of batting quilter on top of the fabric and soft. Place the door on the layers of fabric and batting.

Tufted leather headboard, pull the fabric over the corners of the door and secure tightly with the staple gun. Continue until all four corners are secure. As a gift wrap, wrap the sides of the door with the fabric and secure with staples in the back of the door. Continue until all is wrapped and secured door. Flip the door in front.

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