How To Make Rustic King Size Headboard

The Rustic King Size Headboard

Rustic king size headboard – Making a king-size headboard to a rustic, eclectic or country home interiors can be easily done using three old wooden doors. Not only will your headboard is the focal point of your bedroom, but it’s also Eco friendly because you reuse doors.

Find three doors that will fit a king-size mattress, which on average is 76, 80 inches. The rustic king size headboard should be slightly larger to allow for a bit of overhang on each side. Sand doors with heavy sandpaper to remove any deposits or peeling paint. Continue smoothing the doors with still brighter sandpaper. Paint, stain or polyurethane doors.

Place the doors face down and side by side. Attach metal braces for the doors to create one large wooden surface. Place a bandage 10 inches from the top and the other rail 10 inches from the bottom. Locate wall studs and fasten the bottom pieces of flush mount kit for your wall. Attach the top piece to the back of the rustic king size headboard so that all the pieces fit together. Hang the headboard, and center your mattress in front of it.

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