Kitchen Table With Storage

Kitchen Table With Storage White

Kitchen Table With Storage – banquet tables are practical pieces of kitchen storage furniture and decoration. They are great for large dinners and parties, for plotting buffets and banquets. Adding a storage element to the standard bench adds another element useful for the furniture, allowing kitchen table with storage of large and bulky objects. This project can be easily achieved with minimal tools and materials, and finished with paint or stain for a variety of finals.

Instruction: 1) Organize two 1/2-by-36-by-48-inch boards on the work surface, parallel to each other with their long and thin sides on the work surface. Push the cards, which are the front and rear of the sidewalk until they are two feet away. Establish a joint 1/2-by-36-by-24-inch against a set of the ends of the sideboards. Align the edges so that they are even with each other. 2) Make a hole in the new board, which is the side plate of the banquette, every six inches in the front and rear panels. Set a wood screw into each hole 2 inches and use a drill to fully tighten, screw the plates together. Repeat with the other kitchen table with storage 1/2-by-36-by-24-inch at the other end being the other side plate. This is ideas for build banquet table.

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