Ideas Round Ottoman With Storage

White Round Ottoman With Storage

A round ottoman with storage fits perfectly between two chairs or located in a corner of the room. Try to shop around for the perfect ottoman in exactly the right size covered with fabric that matches your decor and you may end up frustrated. Round Ottoman building your own lets you determine the size and fabric. You can get exactly what you want with less effort than it would take to visit all the shops of the city in search of the part you want.

Round ottoman with storage, measure 3 inches from the edge of the wood and mark with a pencil where the feet are installed. Drill a hole through the wooden feet. Slide the bolt that joins the feet through the hole. Secure with a wing nut. Turn over the plywood basis and rest on its feet. Establish a level above the plywood. Insert shims between the feet and if necessary to level the ottoman plywood.

Round ottoman with storage, lay plywood up and down on foam padding. Draw a line around the perimeter of the plywood with a marker. Cut along the marked line with a knife to cut the foam. Lay your fabric and batting system across the web. Put the cut foam padding on the batting and then put plywood over the foam basis. Cut the fabric and batting with scissors to drape over the sides of the Ottoman with 3 inches of extra fabric at the bottom of the ottoman. Fold fabric and wadding around the base of plywood. Staple the fabric and batting in the bottom of the ottoman with a staple gun. Insert a staple every 4 inches around the Ottoman.

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