Ideas Modern Leather Headboard

White Modern Leather Headboard

Modern leather headboard– Leather has a rich presence. It looks and feels comfortable warm, but it is rather costly and difficult to work with. You can create the look of leather with imitation leather, and bring the experience of genuine leather in your bedroom at no cost. Faux leather available in many colors and patterns, so you can personalize your space more to create the look you want. Making a simple faux-modern leather headboard is easier than you might think.

Make a modern leather headboard; ask your home improvement store to cut eight pieces of 1/4-inch plywood 18 inches square. Most home improvement stores will cut down the plywood free of charge or for a small fee. Place quilt batting on the work surface. Place the imitation leather on the work table face down. Center the batting-covered plywood batting side down over leather. Trim Faux Leather 3 inches wider than the plywood on all sides.

Make a modern leather headboard; Cut two pieces of 1 by 2-inch board to 5 feet. Cut the four pieces of 1-inch board 2 to 18 inches, by means of a saw. Place the leather squares face down in two rows of four each. Center a 5 foot board across the top four, and the other at the bottom four. Place the 18-inch pieces between the upper and lower plates vertically, one for each pair of squares. Screw the boards to the back of plywood and make your screws are short enough that they do not want to scroll through the front part of the plywood. Space two screws on each square panel for each table. Attach the down-facing flush-mount cleats to the top table at each end.

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