Full Size Wood Loft Bed Ideas

Last White Full Size Wooden Loft Bed

Full size wood loft bed can save nearly 30 feet of floor space in a room. Although they are a little less common than traditional twin loft, still easy to build, often in a single afternoon. If your child is old enough to need a full-size bed, shall then they may be old enough to participate in building full size wood loft bed. To help give them a greater sense of ownership and responsibility for the furniture, and can be a good introduction to the world.


Preparing the timber

Cut your wood to the premeasured dimensions. Sand of your wood to prevent splinters. If you want to stain the full size wood loft bed, do it now. Paint the bed will add one day to the time of this project, you should allow to dry overnight.

Mattress frame

Set the four beams in a rectangle, with the 39-inch beams inside the 75-inch beams. Beams should be on the narrow ends (2 inches). Connect the bars with two screws at each point of connection.  Put plywood on top of the rectangle so all four sides are flush with the sides of the frame. Screw the plywood in place with one screw per corner. Reinforce with a screw in the center of each side.

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